Spring is here! Happy First Day of spring!

Valentines look

Hey guys! I know all you lovers are looking forward to valentines. Ok don’t everyone speak at the same time, cause I know y’all ready. That’s one of the biggest day money revolves so I know for some of us it’s just another day truly I think you should always show your love 365 days of the year, hey that’s just little ole Me it’s just tradition to buy nice thing tho . I can’t leave us out woman and the nice outfit a plus.my way my style. This is your stylist I will be updating my post once a week and also styling others is a must this year. If you all have any questions feel free to reach out to me on any social media site , Facebook just Sherri style , instagram justsherristyle or email me at justsherristyle@gmail.com .

Style yourself to life!

Hey everyone I wake up like what to wear today? And of course first thing came to mind was Sherri its your way your style! Yes everyone has their own way wither if you are plus size are small. Me personal I think we should all found our unique way of style. I tell you it will make a difference, because everybody’s don’t look alike  neither do we all shape alike so it important that we all found our way of style. What a difference Fashion make, beautiful colors , floral, stripes,  polkadots , bow tie blouse,  bellbottom pants , cut up jeans, fitted skirts, tutu skirts. And the list of fashion can go on for days. Lol! Y’all enjoy y’all weekend. And be safe and fashionable.IMG_1597.JPGIMG_1602.JPGIMG_1577.JPGIMG_1592.JPGIMG_1604.JPGIMG_1585.JPG

Let you presence be known with boldness, confident, and classy!



Hello everybody! I know you all  are enjoying this beautiful day , I know I am! This week fashion tips. Today I am wearing a beautiful dark blue top with ruffles on the shoulders area of the blouse, a white and blue skirt with blue Zig-zag design. I know lady’s let’s get those beautiful skirt out this week it don’t matter the size or shape let’s wear it with confident and classy! Let your presence be know and the boldness to come out!



How you feel about yourself ? Your Presentation will tell it all! “Style yourself”!

Enter a caption

Happy Easter everybody. Well it’s Sherri again coming to inspire you today through fashion I know it’s being a rough week and a long road “hey” we made it by the grace of God I know I did. I’m feeling good today as  usual why not every day is a day we can get it right,  refocus on our dreams and put some actions where our faith is.  I know for me I have came a long way it’s being some trying error but that’s how we learn from them . Style note!



The outfit I  chose today was a  multicolor top with pixie ankle hunter green pants , guess shoes , BCBG clutch. Lady’s now y’all know we like to look and smell good where are my  Diliards ,  Macy’s , ladies at ? Right here ! And we all are  bargains shoppers. Fashionista you all know exactly what I’m talking about we can relate on a lot of fashion. Any way let’s get back to the outfit , top and bottom comes from old navy , shoes Ross and clutch.  Make yourself presentable by being a  fashionable and classy always ladies . How you feel out yourself your fashion will tell it all. Y’all enjoy your week fashionista!

Spring Fashion

                                                                         Ok  fashionista Spring is here lets get those Spring colors going. I know you are going to get thoses wild colors, thats what we like right? I know i do girl! So today look i went with three different looks i decided on this detail flower with many different colors but very detail dress. As a fashionista you don’t have limits we really don’t know what limit are , we just do us all day every day right ! I’ll drink to that.   So lets get back to the outfit , i’m wearing a color dress that i get out of Ross department store the name brand is “Sweet Storm” fits me very well . The first outfit i put a organge scarf with the dress and a green clutch. The second outfit with the same exact dress i put on a organge hat with the dress. The third outfit i put a mustard blazer with the same dress so i did three different looks for you guys . In every outfit i always find a way to make it look different   “MY WAY MY STYLE”. That has always been apart of me to stand out something detail about my outfit always catches somebody attention whether its my jewerly or my shoes some thing different its going to catch.    To all my FASHIONISTA enjoy your weekend!


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