Spring is here! Happy First Day of spring!

Floral and stripes

img_5305img_5308img_5294The weekend is approaching so let’s look our best for , dinner dates, girls night out , movies dates , wedding party , birthday parties, etc . Today I’m mixing floral and stripes together. Summer, summer time. Think of ways you may want to step out the box.

Get you a vision board and piece outfit together on your vision board the type of look you want to go for. Just Sherri tips.


Pants: forever 21

Shoes: Chinese laundry

Purse: Ross

Jewelry: ROMWE. com

Shoes Addiction

Today I’ll be sharing some good shoes tips. Yes ! What are some good Quality shoes to wear? I have several I can share and will Chinese Laundry is one of my favorite. So here’s some background on how the was shoes became so popular. 5A1B6072-EDF2-4427-AF9E-7CAE14DB9103 founded by Robert and Carol Goldman in 1971, is a privately held Los Angeles-based women’s footwear company. Chinese Laundry has grown from a small shoe manufacturer to a globally recognized fashion footwear distributor. Over the past three decades, we’ve grown to a family of four brands: Chinese Laundry, CL by Laundry, Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry, and Dirty Laundry. Each brand offers a unique product to meet the needs of various consumers.

CHINESE LAUNDRY, our flagship brand, first hit the market in 1981 – in 2016, we celebrated our 35th anniversary. With over 1 billion dollars in sales, Chinese Laundry is distributed in over 30 countries, including domestic retail locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Chinese Laundry defines its style as fun, modern, feminine, and free. Products range from dress heels to casual flats, all designed to meet the needs of millennial women on the go.

Stylish type of Day

We made it . Friday is here. So let’s get ready for some good tips for the weekend ladies. When I just don’t feel like getting to casual, I still look casual with jeans it how you style the outfit yes! 👖👕👠 Style your body shape, first you have to identify your shape and make it happen. Wearing the right pantyhose, girly, etc, there’s a lot out of information out here that I will be sharing with you all about dressing your shape. This information is very informative. So before you leave always look fabulous ladies and gentlemen. Have a stylish weekend! As always #mywaymystyle

Springs Colors

Well today look spring is here . I absolutely love this blouse and bottom I pick both up at a store called Marshalls . The shoes I’m wearing are Steve Madden and my purse is BCBG. I love brand but it not a option I like a style with or without a name if it’s nice. Guess what I’m so excited I have my very first customer that I have to style yay! No I’m not nervous at all , I been asking so here we go the Lord open the door for me. I been now blogging for a 1 year now and I have so much to learn. I encourage you to step out on faith and watch God do the rest , faith without works is dead I compel you to start working! Have a fabulous week fashionista!

Dress Down Friday!

Dress Down Friday So Today is Friday! Can you keep up fashion? Yes ! I remember when I was young I use to play dress all the time with my sister Joy, omg we use to change clothes about 3 or 4 time a day no lie. I’m so glad my mother wouldn’t fuss at us “well that’s a blessing”. So tell you the true I don’t wear to many jeans so if you see me in jean that’s a good thang, I don’t know why I don’t own many jeans. I really like to dress up . You want to know why? As a child I taught myself to dress up all the time .Lol! I wasn’t just playing but now its reality. And don’t forget its fashion week in New York . YES! I really enjoy looking at the different looks it really amazes me the different style coming from different culture all around the United States. I don’t know about you but I’m learning everyday every moment to be you , do you with no regrets. #mywaymystyle . It’s the weekend so let’s go out fashionably ! Justsherristyle