Fashion will fade , your own personal style will stay!

Well what can I say my style is my style. I don’t have to think about it cause I have my own “personal swag as we can say”. Classy , sassy well dressed. It’s not a decision but it’s a choice to look good every day some may say it don’t take all of that right? I know yes it do we are aiming for status wither it a queen, diva, professional, classy, causal look we have to own it on every level. I love looking good it let others see exactly how you feel about yourself . The look I go for is a different unique look that fits Sherry the BEST I was born to be different no one is alike by any means. Fashion notebook own your look.

Photo by: TNJ Media Design

Style by : justsherri

Makeup: Lexis Jaid

Shoe fetish

I absolutely love shoes, the designer of this shoe is none other then “steve madden” . i actually had a dream that i was talking to this wise man steve and i we came up with a game plan and switch the game up on heels the style the colors was amazing. we was born to create the wise man said , i stop immediately and look at him and said you must have talk to your master and steve said i don’t leave home without him. we are now approaching spring so i have decided on this gold open toe heel that will give the look that will accommodate your skin tone and lady’s please let’s keep a pedicure for the back of our heels remember the first impression is very important. when someone see you they should see a queen in you . you don’t have to say nothing show up. y’all continue to enjoy your weekend! my way my style #justsherri