Happy Monday

I know Happy Monday it’s the beginning of the week “and let’s start it off right”……. YES!!!! My Monday are always slow , but now I command my day .. Well how do you command your day? just by simple speak it. What it is you want your week to be like , writing down your plans for the month are week. My theory is new week , new goal, new month, new monthly goals. My plans is to go to Starbucks sit down and write some personal goals I want to see manifest for me. It’s not to late to change your mind about going forward into your vision or dreams . You got to start somewhere. And that somewhere is now. Stop wasting your time on fear and having personal debate on what it is you want to happen in your life. I encourage you to be bold, be beautiful , be unstoppable , be undefeated, and mostly be you do you for you . Yes! 

What’s your favorite brand?

I have so many brand I like , I really don’t have a favorite. I will just name a few that I have Aldo, Steve madden , Brahmin, Jessica Simpson, Michael kors, Kenneth Cole, BCBG…. Look at that list, I told you I don’t have a favorite when it come downs to purses. I would love to know your preference when it come to what brand you prefer. When dealing with brand for me I like to see the Quality in it. Things like how long it last , is the money you paid for it , was it worth it. Now ! Everything I wear don’t have to have a name on it as long as it stylish I’m going to wear it with confident. Is your confident in what you wear or you just go with the flow of things? I’m a firm believer that whatever it is you are wearing enjoy wearing it , looking good is healthy. Cause when you look good you definitely feel good… I was talking with this young lady who I “see very often ” I said Sara you look very nice with your makeup on I said what happen??? She look at me and said that she was building her self-confident back up. I look at her and said good , I’m proud of you . Sometimes we go through different things in life and don’t know what the outcome going to be … So we have to regain what we lost.. Today is a good day to choose you . I’m here for a reason and that reason is purpose ; Let’s get back on track and stay there brand yourself and help others. I am justsherristyle your stylist consultant , style influence , mother, entrepreneur. What’s in your closet?👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Keep pushing

Today I’m thankful for good life and health. Names some things you are grateful for. I know thing may not go the way we plan . But it’s ok.. Don’t stay in your mess pick yourself up and start over . It’s not over unless you give up on what you believe in. What I have found out in life is opportunity is not going to come to you , you have to go out and get opportunity. If not you’re going to be Stuck. “Don’t mind me” I’m just trying to push out my vision .

Faith is what you Choose over fear. A lot of time fear have us stuck and we don’t even realize it until you done wasted half of your time. Why? Because of fear . Time waits on no man . So I command you to utilize your time. This week I really sat down and wrote out some weekly goals. Things I can get done and stay more consistent with my content. So Fashionista let’s finish strong on this week .

Hello fashionistas! I want to encourage you to keep doing whatever it is to get to the tops , set goals, do thing out of the ordinary, stepping out your comfort zone. “When starting your business I know you want things to happen overnight “. It’s not business opportunities happens when you’re consistent about your endeavors, believing in yourself is the key if you don’t believed then others want. It important that we break cycles that’s hindering you from becoming successful. Let’s be confident, create good content, go getter. The Bible teacher us faith without works is dead you got to put time in whatever it is you want to manifest.This outfit I piece together is a repeat just with different look , you can blog the same outfit just give each a different look and taste. This tight I purchase from www. Target.com for only 12.99 , shirt 👚 Calvin Klein , shoes Chinese laundry , purse: Jessica Simpson. My job is to show you guys how to shop on a budget and to style my clients that don’t have a clue about style, I’m here for them . You guys can email me @ justsherristyle@gmail.com for any business inquires. Until next time . My way my style.

Sweater type of day!

What’s in you closet for winter ❄️? Well in mines it Consists of sweater , hoodies, leggings, tights , dress pants, etc. This look today I purchase the sweater from forever 21 they always have a clearance , I absolutely love that store they always have bargain, especially if you’re on a budget… What would be the most beautiful fashion is your Personality.. It actually state that you are fashionable. Walking into room with unfamiliar people and everybody is saying the same thing I like, I like . That’s how I was last weekend stepping in to a room and making a fashion statement. Let your outfit do the talking for you … Yes!!!! And as always, mywaymystyle

All black everything!

img_0580img_0414img_0565img_0426img_0428img_0461img_0532img_0414img_0536All black everything. This outfit is very old I had this skirt forever, I bought it from Ross for 9.99 and this tight from Citi Trends they have the best tight or leggings in different prints. And they’re reasonable. The shirt comes from forever 21 last year , it was on the clearance rack for 5 dollars. Yes , Piece outfit into a successful look is lots of fun you get to go though your closet to see all what you have and mix and match it up with what you already have. The key to shopping is patient , you got to have patients and time to look for what ever it is you’re trying to match with. Throughout this blog I’ll show you how to bargain shop. Until nexts times. Always keep it cute and fashionable. Yes. My way my style.

Mix and Match floral print

Today’s look. Mix and match floral print “yes” step out of your comfort zone is consistent of re- create looks that others thinks about doing but don’t really have the courage to do so . Fear is something serious , what’s on the agenda for today? Well this is my birthday month so I have to plan accordingly , I was thinking about dinner with family and friends … I was thinking I don’t have many sweaters to blog in so that’s on my to do-list (Shopping) . And now that the weather has change I have to go shopping for my beautiful girls as well , they have plenty of jeans, but no long- sleeves shirt. I was just asking where will I go to shopping for sweaters , I thought about www. hm.com , www. Old navy.com , www. Jc Penny’s.com yes those are the stores I’m shopping in this up coming week . Stay tuned for the next blog post fashionistas. Have a productive week.


Shirt: Ross

Pants : SHEIN

Shoes: Nine West

Earrings: Steve Madden

Bracelet: SHEIN

What’s in your closet for Fall?

Well it’s about that time again Fall is in the air fashionistas . Fall is here so what are y’all going to add to your closet? Let me guess sweaters, cardigan, joggers, or just long- sleeves period all things fashionable. Let’s create a Fall look book , let’s step out the box and stay out we were created to be different and to stand out from the crowd. We might have some similarities but no one is the same , we all are different , style, shape , sizes.

Shopping on a budget? Yes..Always . Always find out what you need, are adding to your closet version just picking up ideas you don’t really need always add to what you have. Stores i love to shop in T j maxx.com , Jc penny, Marshals, old navy , Ross , hm , SHEIN, Poshmark , forever 21 many more. Y’all have a wonderful weekend. And remember be fashionable!!!

Pink and denim!

Today I wanted to dedicate this post to the ones who fighting cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), also referred to in America as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds . So please … especially black women let’s go get a breast Exam. This pink and denim type of day and month let’s wear pink to show our support… Where can you get a shirt 👚 from, Walmart has them…