Style yourself to life!

Hey everyone I wake up like what to wear today? And of course first thing came to mind was Sherri its your way your style! Yes everyone has their own way wither if you are plus size are small. Me personal I think we should all found our unique way of style. I tell you it will make a difference, because everybody’s don’t look alike  neither do we all shape alike so it important that we all found our way of style. What a difference Fashion make, beautiful colors , floral, stripes,  polkadots , bow tie blouse,  bellbottom pants , cut up jeans, fitted skirts, tutu skirts. And the list of fashion can go on for days. Lol! Y’all enjoy y’all weekend. And be safe and fashionable.IMG_1597.JPGIMG_1602.JPGIMG_1577.JPGIMG_1592.JPGIMG_1604.JPGIMG_1585.JPG