How you feel about yourself ? Your Presentation will tell it all! “Style yourself”!

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Happy Easter everybody. Well it’s Sherri again coming to inspire you today through fashion I know it’s being a rough week and a long road “hey” we made it by the grace of God I know I did. I’m feeling good today as  usual why not every day is a day we can get it right,  refocus on our dreams and put some actions where our faith is.  I know for me I have came a long way it’s being some trying error but that’s how we learn from them . Style note!



The outfit I  chose today was a  multicolor top with pixie ankle hunter green pants , guess shoes , BCBG clutch. Lady’s now y’all know we like to look and smell good where are my  Diliards ,  Macy’s , ladies at ? Right here ! And we all are  bargains shoppers. Fashionista you all know exactly what I’m talking about we can relate on a lot of fashion. Any way let’s get back to the outfit , top and bottom comes from old navy , shoes Ross and clutch.  Make yourself presentable by being a  fashionable and classy always ladies . How you feel out yourself your fashion will tell it all. Y’all enjoy your week fashionista!

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