Spring Fashion

                                                                         Ok  fashionista Spring is here lets get those Spring colors going. I know you are going to get thoses wild colors, thats what we like right? I know i do girl! So today look i went with three different looks i decided on this detail flower with many different colors but very detail dress. As a fashionista you don’t have limits we really don’t know what limit are , we just do us all day every day right ! I’ll drink to that.   So lets get back to the outfit , i’m wearing a color dress that i get out of Ross department store the name brand is “Sweet Storm” fits me very well . The first outfit i put a organge scarf with the dress and a green clutch. The second outfit with the same exact dress i put on a organge hat with the dress. The third outfit i put a mustard blazer with the same dress so i did three different looks for you guys . In every outfit i always find a way to make it look different   “MY WAY MY STYLE”. That has always been apart of me to stand out something detail about my outfit always catches somebody attention whether its my jewerly or my shoes some thing different its going to catch.    To all my FASHIONISTA enjoy your weekend!


IMG_0447 editIMG_0448 editIMG_0469 editIMG_0463 editIMG_0472 editIMG_0487 editIMG_0493 edit

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